anand manoharlal – advika and anmol’s dad 
"superb! please keep the good work on..." 

k.b. aravind ramana - aka blue doo 
“summer is hot for everyone. because of theatre y this was a cool summer for me. i enjoyed my time here. the only thing that bothers me now is what am i going to do after monday. “

abraham karimpanaz - aadya's dad 
"my daughter aadya has truly blossomed and enjoyed herself  throughout the session. love the way you gave the exercises that  tapped their creativity more than just on stage. fabulous work. well  done." 

vidhi - aka hot dude 
"i really felt shy the first day of funtY. I had lots of fun too. we even learnt songs and many more things. we even learnt about emotions. thank you mama and papa for putting me in funtY. Once again thank you mama and papa." 

aparna - aka weird gramophone 
"funtY is all about fun 
enjoyment from the shot of the gun 
whether it’s singing, poetry or acting skits 
we all know it’s one of life’s better bits! 
i love theatre Y!!"

isha- aka orchid popstar 
"funtY was cool 
it was not like school 
i had a lot of fun 
and made friends amongst everyone 
i loved funtY" 
vineeth – simran’s cousin 
"very good performance by all, well done. keep up the good work". 

gayatri srikanth - gautham's mom 
" awesome job, you love it, and the kids, so obviously, they love you 
guys too. great job. keep us informed of future classes". 

rajani - aparna's mom 
" teriffic experience for the kids. aparna enjoyed every class. keep up your good work and wish each one of you lots of happiness and  success". 

anmol - aka non-sleepy fam 
"i love theatre Y 
you will reach in world very high. 
we learn drama and also do some hungama. 
theatre Y the best class 
the day I joined theatre Y, i felt very shy. 
on the first day I wondered if I can do it. i met you all and you all made me feel that it will come true! 
now I know you are my ever lasting friend who i 
can count on till the end."

advika - aka pink princess 
"i like theatre Y. 
theatre Y shines up high 
it’s up in my list 
of my best jist. 
how is my friend theatre Y? 
when I joined funtY, i was sad and gloomy. 
new place, new friends all made me worried. 
but now I know it was the best thing I could 
have done in my holidays. i have made good friends and enjoyed myself a lot. i learnt a lot at theatre Y."

karishni - aka hi5 
“theatre Y is like a long road 
where we are never bored 
we run a lot of miles 
with a wide smile. 
i love theatre Y. “